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Power I-MIG 200E

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The IGBT inverter platform that the new Power i-MIG 200E is built on, delivers power and performance at an economy-minded price level.  The all new unit takes a no-nonsense approach just for those people that want "just a MIG" to take care of their welding needs.  The unit features only 2 adjustments: one for voltage and one for wire speed.  The stepless design of the adjustments gives "just right" control throughout the adjustment range.  This is a significant improvement over many of the transformer based MIG welders on the market that offer limited, tapped settings which may be "too hot" or "too cold" for the weld application.

Features & Benefits: 
  • IGBT Inverter design
  • Stable arc performance
  • Simplified, easy operation
  • Low spatter
  • Weld with 4" or 8" wire rolls
  • .030-.045" drive rolls
  • 35% Duty cycle at 200 amps
  • Spool gun capable
  • Duty Cycle/Overcurrent Protection (Auto-stop)
Standard Equipment: 
  • Mig gun
  • Work clamp with cable
  • Argon/CO2 Regulator
  • Spare contact tip
Optional Equipment: 
  • Welding cart
  • Consumable kit
  • Spool gun
  • Up to maximum of 3/8" single pass*
  • Up to maximum of 5/8" multi pass
  • Minimum of 24 gauge

*Single pass welds greater than 1/4" are not generally recommended as a sound welding technique.

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