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I thought I would give a special heads-up to those here on our website who might like to know before the official announcement becomes public. Arrowquip is coming out with a new line of squeeze chutes. The new chutes will be wider, longer, and taller than the ones we have now. Part of the new design includes a new locking mechanism on the exit gate which some of you will appreciate. There is also a 3-position adjustment for the amount of pressure that can be applied to the exit gate, one each for calves, cows, and bulls. So now you can have a manual chute that can apply the same pressure as a hydraulic when you are working bulls. Attached is a video from one of the influencers who was invited to attend the special introduction.
There is also a special time at the new Arrowquip-owned factory that is being retooled for the new Yakta zero-turn mower. 

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