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Arrowquip Heeler C2 Portable Corral

$ 55,000.00

Designed with effective animal science and ease of use that ranchers have come to know and love with Arrowquip, the Heeler C2 takes cattle flow, safety, and functionality with a portable corral to a whole new level.

With hydraulic jacks, swing-out corral panels with a winch system on airless tires, and a convenient fold-out Bud Box for optimal flow, this corral is a true game-changer. Uniquely flexible Double Easy Flow Adjustable Alleys can convert to a single alley and cattle-free zone with locking swing gates, and optional cattle alley stops prevent your cattle from backing out.

Paired with the ability to carry extra panels, allowing for multiple pen configurations, and a Double Alley Merge for seamless cattle flow from alley to cattle chute, revolutionize your ranching experience with the Heeler C2. Simplify your cattle working experience without compromising reliability. With the Heeler C2, there’s no challenge too tough to take on.


With a standard fold-out Bud Box and locking swing gates, you can control the motion of cattle as they move from the pens and flow forward, exiting through the double alley merge and into a cattle chute. Providing cattle with a clear path is important, and it makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency and flow.


Tired of the hassle that comes with setting up a portable corral? With The Heeler C2, you never have to worry about that again. With a patented hydraulic jacking system that lifts and lowers the corral with ease, and swing-out corral panels on airless tires with an added winch system, setup and tear down are complete in a matter of minutes.


Need to tend to your cattle or load them into a trailer? The Heeler C2 Portable Corral includes panel clips at on the double alley merge that allow you to connect easily to a cattle chute, chute and alley duo, orloading ramp. With the ability to easily carry extra panels and an added hitch for towing, you can haul your entire system at once.

Product Specifications

  • Standard fold-out Bud Box provides added control of cattle flow
  • Carry extra panels with convenient holders in the double alley
  • Spring-loaded man gates placed strategically on the panels closest to the core of the corral
  • Swing-out panels on airless tires with a winch system
  • Panels built with 1.5” x 1.5” .100”w steel tubing
  • Each panel features two interlocking stays for added strength
  • Panels hinge off the frame in sets of three, six on each side, and easily fold for transport
  • Added panel shelf to securely hold panels during transport
  • Added hitch at the back to tow a cattle chute or loading ramp
  • Lights included standard to haul at any time of day or night

Please call (208) 357-3200 (Office) or (208) 251-2123 (Mont's Cell Phone) for availability and option pricing

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