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Arrowquip Cattle Loading Chute

$ 5,300.00

-12' Loading ramp
-Fully sheeted sides with 6" vision slot-allows you to control cattle movement and assist livestock through the process of loading, eliminating the need for a catwalk!
-Adjustable height ranges from 12" for cattle trailers to 51" for semi trailers
-Rib checkered plate steel flooring with stair step design provides traction to keep your cattle moving confidently through the loading chute.
-Removable front hitch with 2-5/16" ball
-Heavy duty construction with 2" square bar frame-1139 lbs
-High quality Arrowquip loading chutes are crafted using first-grade primed American Steel. This ensures that your equipment will remain in ideal condition to provide years of reliable use and durability.
-Powder Coated-Arrowquip loading chutes are primed and powder-coated to reduce wear on the equipment by making it resistant to moisture, chemicals, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions.

Available for immediate delivery in 2 additional configurations
-For Portable Load Chute (axle and hitch)  (adds 692 lbs) Comes with new tires and rims.
-For Vet Cage  (adds 386 lbs)
Arrowquip Loading Chutes have an available vet cage option. With the vet cage it can be used as a pass-through for the operator, to stop the flow of cattle along the alley, or to gain safe passage into the back of the trailer. 

Please call (208) 357-3200 (Office) or (208) 251-2123 (Mont's Cell Phone) for availability and option pricing

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