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Arrowquip Tub-Sweep Style

$ 5,600.00

Arrowquip's Cattle Crowding Tubs are a high capacity, high quality product designed to move your cattle quickly and safely into a chute, alley, or truck. The cattle tubs feature a tubular frame that is light-weight, yet durable enough to withstand the heavy-duty use of a crowding tub. The crowd gate lock-out and exit gate come standard on the Crowding Tub, and distractions are kept to a minimum with the sheeted sides. The tub features simple assembly, ensuring efficient set-up and tear down as necessary.


All Crowding Tubs are built for heavy-duty work. Made with powder-coated American steel, the Crowding Tub is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions for long-term use. For added stability, the panels are bolted together and stabilized by joiner bars that connect to the center of the tub.


The crowd gate automatically locks into position as you move the sweep through the tub, ensuring cattle cannot push back on the gate and cause injury to the handler. For quieter operation, the crowd gate lock features a rubber bushing to cushion the impact on the panels and reduce metal clanging. When not in use, the crowd gate lock can be disengaged to pull the sweep back in a smooth motion.


The fully sheeted sides on the Cattle Crowding Tubs safeguard cattle, as there are no foot traps or opportunity for them to injure themselves in the tub. 53" sheeting allows the handler to use point of balance handling techniques to assist with cattle movement.


Connecting your crowding tub to your alley or cattle corral panels is quick and easy. With four pin connections, seamlessly connect to any Arrowquip equipment.


All Arrowquip Crowding Tubs for cattle are available in left or right-hand configuration. To determine the hand you need in your cattle working system, stand facing the crowd gate and look at the direction of the sweep. If it rotates counterclockwise, it is left-hand. If it rotates clockwise, it is right-hand. If you require assistance determining the hand you need, contact the Arrowquip Team.

Please call (208) 357-3200 for availability and pricing

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