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Arrowquip 1080 Powerlock Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

$ 18,000.00

The Powerlock 108 Series is an all-new hydraulic cattle chute that surpasses the competition. Designed for exceptional performance and durability, you can be certain this chute will save you time and last on your operation for years to come.

Offering a cattle handling experience like never before, the Powerlock 108 Series cattle chute features six side access panels and full emergency exit doors on both sides, so you can easily treat, brand, or perform other necessary tasks. The 108 Series chute also features an infinite rubber floor to make exiting the chute easier for your cattle. With a swing-out arm loaded with four hydraulic controls, you have maximum maneuverability to power your chute from any point.

You need a safe, reliable hydraulic cattle chute. You need the Powerlock 108.


Arrowquip’s exclusive 3E design can be found throughout your equipment to make handling cattle easier.

With 3E technology in both the Head Gate and Rolling Alley Gate, your cattle will flow right through the chute. The barred design lets cattle see light, drawing them into the chute with minimal handler intervention so you can speed up your process and save time for other important tasks.


With 3 access panels on each side, full emergency exit doors, and a palpation cage, you can have unbeatable access for your cattle at any point through the chute. Featuring two bottom swing-out gates, you can also easily access cattle’s hooves for trimming or treating purposes. A cattle chute designed for any size cattle with unlimited access will guarantee a safer, more efficient operation.


Experience control like never before with the Arrowlock 108 Series hydraulic cattle chute. Improved hydraulic connections and cylinders allow for fast response times so you can catch cattle no matter their temperament.

Featuring advanced hydraulics mounted on a pivoting swing arm allow you to have complete control at any point along the cattle chute so you can get the most out of your handling experience.


Cattle handling doesn’t need to cause anxiety for you or your cattle. The Arrowlock 108 Series hydraulic chute offers top of the line care with quiet points placed strategically throughout the equipment so your cattle move calmly through the chute.

Gone are the days of noisy metal on metal to make your cattle handling experience easier and more efficient than ever.

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