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Arrowquip Portable 87 Squeeze Chute/EZ Flow Alley

$ 14,900.00

The new Q-Catch 87 Series Portable Cattle Chute & Alley gives you consistently safe and efficient cattle handling no matter where you're working cattle. From the new electric jacks and 8' Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Alley section, to the rubber floors you've been asking for, everything on this system has been designed with cattle flow and ease of use for operators in mind. With the new 3E head gate design and Easy Flow Alley removable panels, you can utilize natural cattle behavior to keep your herd flowing in the right direction.

You can do it all with this portable duo, and take your cattle handling system anywhere you need it with ease. This compact system has been redesigned with an improved towing setup to ensure you're in for the smoothest ride possible, every time.


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