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Arrowquip Heeler Portable Corral

$ 45,000.00

Designed with the effective animal science that ranchers have come to love, and the ease of use that only Arrowquip can provide, the Heeler takes cattle flow, safety, and functionality with a portable corral to the next level.

When designing the Heeler, the Arrowquip Innovations Team kept optimal cattle flow at the forefront of the design, creating a portable corral that provides ranchers with a simple, reliable system. Featuring an exclusive 18' double alley that quickly converts to a single alley and cattle-free zone with a locking swing gate, and four spring-loaded man gates on the outer panels for strategic access to the two pens with approximately 2,620 square feet of space, you can work at a new level of efficiency.


A common pain point expressed by cattle producers is the challenge of getting cattle to move effectively through their portable cattle corral, and this is where the Heeler shines. The standard Bud Box and rolling gates allow you to control the movement of cattle as they move from the front and flow toward the back, exiting through the double alley. Providing cattle with a clear path is important, and makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency and flow.

With room to carry extra panels and an added hitch for towing, you can haul your entire system in one go. The Heeler is a portable corral system unlike any other.


When you arrive at your destination, setting up a portable cattle corral can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. There is no need to dread setting up the Heeler. With the patented hydraulic jacking system that lifts and lowers the corral with ease, and swing-out panels on airless tires with a winch system, setup and tear down are complete in a matter of minutes. The extended fifth wheel provides 6 feet of clearance for safe pass-through every time, so you can keep your focus on the task at hand.


Need to tend to your cattle or load them into a trailer? The Heeler includes panel clips located at the back of the alley, allowing you to connect your portable cattle corral quickly and easily to a cattle chute, chute and alley duo, or loading ramp of your preference. With the ability to easily carry extra panels with a holder in the double alley, and an added hitch for towing a chute or loading ramp, you can haul your entire system at once. Choose from the world-renowned lineup of Q-Catch manual cattle chutes or a hydraulic chute model from our Q-Power line to process your cattle quickly and easily any place, any time.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Exclusive 18' double alley
  • Two pens totaling approximately 2,620 square feet of working space
  • Spring-loaded man gates placed strategically on the panels closest to the core of the portable corral
  • Added fifth wheel hitch clearance for safe and easy pass-through
  • Lights included standard to haul at any time of day or night
  • Added hitch at the back to tow chute or loading ramp
  • Standard Bud Box provides added control of cattle flow
  • Ability to control cattle flow and create cattle-free zone and single alley with locking swing gate
  • Frame constructed with 4" x 4" beams and 2" x 6" tubing
  • Swing-out panels on airless tires with a winch system

Please call (208) 357-3200 (Office) or (208) 251-2123 (Mont's Cell Phone) for availability and option pricing

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