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Arrowquip Squeeze Chute Manual 7400 Q-Catch

$ 7,400.00

The Q-Catch 7400 Series cattle squeeze chute has been designed for the smaller cattle producer and the rancher seeking a second, smaller chute. Our team invested more than six hundred hours to create an innovative manual squeeze chute at a lower price point without sacrificing quality. As a result, the 74 Series is an economical solution that offers great access to the animal, prevents distractions, and limits the possibility of injury to both rancher and animal earning a place as one of the top cattle chutes in the market.


    The swing-out access doors allow full side access to your cattle.


    Arrowquip cattle chutes are powder-coated. This reduces wear on the equipment by making it resistant to moisture, chemicals, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions. Our high-quality powder-coat process is combined with primed steel to ensure the most durable quality possible. The floor is also powder-coated steel with punch ups to improve traction and safety.


    The Sternum Bar is a must-have addition to any cattle chute. When installed, the Sternum Bar supports the sternum and eliminates space at the bottom of the chute, preventing cattle from laying down and making processing faster and safer than ever. The Sternum Bar is quick and easy to install with two bolts and comes sheeted to eliminate hoof traps.


    The calf restrainer bar allows handlers to safely open both doors of the chute while keeping cattle contained and can be adjusted to accommodate cattle of different sizes. This simple and effective option can be installed or removed from the chute with just 4 bolts.


    Take your chute where you need it with our new, enhanced Wheel Kit. Featuring a winch system that raises and lowers the chute with just a few cranks, the wheels are installed in minutes.

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