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Arrowquip Squeeze Chute Manual 7500 Arrowlock

$ 8,875.00


Introducing the Arrowlock 75 Series squeeze chute: Your ultimate cattle chute designed to get the job done right every time – because we know your time is valuable.

Efficiency and safety come together in the all-new Arrowlock 75 Series to make cattle handling and management easy on you and your livestock. With an all-new ratchet style head gate, you get the strongest hold in a manual chute with additional features, such as a true rubber floor, multiple access points, and easy-to-use operating handles for a true one-person operation. Every inch of the Arrowlock 75 Series squeeze chute reflects Arrowquip’s dedication to excellence. Backed by an exclusive 10-year warranty, you can be certain your equipment will withstand the elements (and your cattle!).

Get ready to elevate efficiency on your cattle operation today, tomorrow, and for years to come with the Arrowlock 75 Series.


Designed with cattle behavior in mind, the 3E Cattle Head Gate prompts cattle to enter the squeeze chute without a fight. Even when the head gate is closed, the barred design allows cattle to see light, drawing them in. This results in a smoother, more hands-off cattle handling experience.

With the ratchet locking mechanism, you're guaranteed a strong hold on your cattle, eliminating the chance of them slipping out.


The Arrowlock 75 Series allows you to access your cattle through a series of access points. With top and bottom swing-out gates for full side access, a drop-down needle door, and side access panels, you can treat or brand your cattle with ease. The 75 Series Deluxe Model features a full-size vet cage with optimal head clearance so your animals can be accessible from all angles.


Unlike other options on the market, our rubber floor is made from TRUE rubber to dampen noise for a smooth and quiet cattle handling experience. The special design on our floors provide great traction for hooves to help cattle feel secure and confident to walk through the chute seamlessly.


We hold our equipment to a high standard, and strongly believe in the quality. That is why we’ve backed our 75 Series squeeze chute with industry-leading warranty. Our 10-year warranty means we have your back no matter what, to keep your cattle operation running safer, easier, and faster than ever before. Additionally, all locking mechanisms, the rubber floor, and rump fingers are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Product Specifications

  • 10-year warranty
  • Arrowlock head gate for a secure hold
  • Unique barred head gate design uses light to draw cattle in
  • Curtain-style head gate opens to a full 31.5” top to bottom
  • Easy to use push-pull squeeze lever
  • Squeeze on the cattle chute ranges from 31.5” fully open to 7.75” fully closed
  • Rump fingers ensure additional safety no matter the size of the animal
  • Ambidextrous rolling door so you can control the flow of cattle
  • Vet door opens in both directions for a full 180° of maneuverability (Deluxe Vet only)
  • Swing-out top and bottom squeeze chute access doors can be used individually or together as an emergency exit
  • Removable side access doors that can be configured in a variety of positions
  • 12.75" top to bottom needle access for quick injections
  • Pivot and latch points feature poly bushings for a silent operation
  • True rubber floor for added traction and a quieter operation
  • Mount brackets included so you can add load bars or secure the chute to concrete
  • Rectangular tubing to limit cattle bruising

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