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Arrowquip Squeeze Chute Manual 5500 Arrowlock

Arrowquip Squeeze Chute Manual 5500 Arrowlock

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Introducing the Arrowlock 55 Series cattle chute – an innovative solution for new and up-and-coming ranchers and producers. In an industry that often neglects the needs of smaller cattle operations, this cattle chute is an ideal solution that offers safe and secure livestock management at an attainable price.

Created by experts as a gateway into the cattle industry, the 55 Series squeeze chute is built for a stronger, safer hold with an all-new ratchet locking head gate. With many user-friendly features such as a head gate handle that can be operated from anywhere alongside the chute and a 3E rolling rear door with low sheeting and a top-mounted track to prevent build-up, handling cattle has never been easier. With a 5-year warranty and lifetime guarantee on locking mechanisms, you can be confident you’re making the right decision by working with a company that cares.

You may not need a heavy-duty cattle chute designed for large herds, but you do need safe cattle handling equipment to meet your demands. This is where the 55 Series excels – stepping in as a dependable solution that you can trust without hesitation.


You need a floor that can withstand the wear and tear of your cattle. That’s where the Arrowlock 55 Series steel floor comes in. Featuring ½” treads for better traction as your cattle go through the chute, you’ll notice a difference almost immediately compared to the checker plate steel often seen in cattle chutes.


The 55 Series Cattle Chute features a never-before-seen ratchet locking style head gate for the industry’s strongest hold on your cattle.

Designed with 3E technology so your cattle willingly enter, you will have a seamless cattle handling experience every time.


Whether you’re new to the industry or have a smaller herd, the 55 Series cattle chute is your solution. With all the features a cow-calf operation will need, you can be certain you’re investing in a safe and efficient solution to get the job done at an affordable price point.


With this cattle squeeze chute, you don’t have to worry about constant adjustments. Opening parallel to a full 31.5” from top to bottom, and narrowing down to 7.75” fully closed, you can have a secure hold on your biggest bulls down to your smallest calves.

Product Specifications

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Ratchet locking mechanism for a stronger head gate hold
  • Barred head gate design uses light to draw cattle in
  • Head Gate handle can be operated from anywhere alongside the chute
  • Curtain style head gate opens parallel to a full 29.5”
  • Cattle chute ranges from 31.5” fully open to 7.75” fully closed
  • One-side swing-out emergency exit
  • Poly-composite rump fingers and rump bar on top access door to prevent cattle from backing up
  • 3E Rolling Door with a top mounted track so you can control the flow of cattle
  • Top mounting track on the Rolling Door eliminates build-up for seamless use
  • Vet door opens in both directions for a full 180° of maneuverability (Deluxe Vet only)
  • 12.75” top to bottom needle door access
  • Rectangular tubing to limit cattle bruising
  • Ribbed steel floor to provide excellent traction for your cattle

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