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Arrowquip Guardian Hay Feeder

$ 1,950.00

Introducing Arrowquip’s Guardian Round Bale Feeder. From Arrowquip's Livestock Feeding Solutions, comes a high-quality, durable hay bale feeder solution for cattle, designed to reduce bale waste drastically. Built heavy-duty and with varying model options to accommodate any size and breed of cattle, these hay feeders are made to withstand the elements, repeated use, and rowdy, pushy livestock.

Featuring a cone-shaped system of rods and chain, bales are kept suspended and off the ground to minimize waste, slow cattle intake, and prevent picky eaters from digging through bales to get the best bits of hay. This gives you an average of 85%-90% efficiency on every bale you feed. Arrowquip's Guardian Round Bale Feeder is built to handle any size and type of bale with diameters ranging from 7-8 feet.

Product Features


The cone-shaped system of several rods and a chain in this hay feeder for cattle ensures that your hay bales are no longer wasted. By keeping hay bales suspended off the ground and restricting how much of the bale cattle can access, your bales last longer, and waste is drastically reduced.


Built heavy-duty with 14-gauge steel, Guardian Round Bale Feeders are made to stand up to the elements, bale spear piercing, and rowdy, pushy livestock.


How exactly does a Guardian Round Bale Feeder reduce bale waste? By limiting how much hay cattle can access and making them work harder to get to their food, your bales last longer. Any waste that does fall to the ground can be easily accessed and cleaned up by cattle for eating, rather than getting trampled underfoot.


If the bottom of your hay feeder ever gets to the point where it is worn out beyond use, you can instantly double its lifespan by reversing it. Simply remove the rods and chain, flip the feeder, and reinstall the rods and chain to continue to use your bale feeder for years to come.

Product Specifications

  • Round bale feeder drastically reduces bale waste
  • 18 cone rods and a chain suspend hay bales
  • Reversible in design, doubling hay bale feeder life expectancy
  • 14-gauge sheet metal that withstands bull pushing, or bale spear piercing
  • ¼' Grade 30 proof coil chain to adjust bale height and feed restriction
  • Reduces hay bale sorting from picky eaters
  • Minimizes cattle overeating


Janelle Hulme

I have the horse version of this bale feeder on my farm. At first, I was skeptical about how much time and how much waste it could actually save, and the neck opening made me a bit nervous, but now, we’re going on to our second year with it and love it! We used to go through a bale every week with our two geldings, and now bales last 2-2.5 weeks! We used to fork hay into our tombstone feeder to make them last longer, not any more! No more early morning bale forking! It’s saved so much time and for the most part, all the loose stuff falls into the ring and the horses clean it up.

Chris Green

Minimal waste. What falls down in the bottom ring, cattle can easily reach.


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