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Arrowquip Tub-Budflow

$ 7,950.00

Arrowquip's 3E BudFlow® Cattle Tub uses natural cattle behavior and light to create efficient flow. By incorporating the 3E system in the BudFlow Cattle Crowding Tub design, cattle are instinctively drawn to areas where more light can be seen which allows you to guide them into the alley effortlessly. Whether you are working with a small group of cattle or running a large group through a system, the 3E BudFlow Tub is designed to maximize efficiency and profitability, allowing you to have time for more important things in life.

The 3E BudFlow Tub is available as a stationary unit, and as an option on the Portable Cattle Tub & Alley, Portable Q-Catch 87 Series Cattle Chute, Alley & Tub, Portable Q-Catch 74 Squeeze Chute, Alley & Tub, and Portable Q-Power 107 Series Cattle Chute, Alley & Tub



The 3E System makes use of light and cattle behavior to create flow, allowing for easy entry and exit. By strategically placing low 33.5" sheeted panels across the point of entry and next to the tub exit, cattle are drawn into the right direction as they see more light. The 3E BudFlow Cattle Tub greatly improves how cattle flow through the crowding tub into the alley by using cattle psychology to your advantage, allowing you to save time and effort. Find out more about how 3E works here


The 3E BudFlow Cattle Tub is designed for durability and long-term use. To withstand extreme weather conditions, the crowding tub is powder-coated with high-quality materials. The 14-gauge steel sheeted panels bolt firmly together and are stabilized by joiner bars connecting to the center of the tub. For additional support, the 12' tub features welded stays to accommodate the larger size and provide structural integrity.


The cattle crowding tub is designed to be operated from the outside, allowing the handler to guide cattle into the alley system by utilizing point of balance handling techniques through the railings. If needed, the crowd gate can be activated to assist in directing cattle into the right direction without having to be inside the tub. For added safety, the crowd gate features a lock that prevents cattle from pushing back against the gate.


To reduce noise caused by metal clanging, the 3E BudFlow Cattle Tub features caulked sheet metal and a rubber bushing on the crowd gate lock which absorbs impact. The panels also bolt tightly together to eliminate rattling.


3E BudFlow Step 1: Cattle enter the crowding tub


The 3E BudFlow CrowdingTub is designed to use cattle psychology to your advantage no matter how you like to work your livestock.

3E BudFlow - Bud Box but Better

The Budflow Tub with the 3E System is a new and improved version of the Bud Box. If you have ever owned a Bud Box in the past, you know that it requires the handler to be inside the box to lead cattle into the alley system. With the 3E Budflow Tub design, cattle instinctively turn around and approach the alley willingly by seeing more light through the low-sheeted panels. When working livestock through a chute-ended system, you can use the 3E Budflow Tub to apply the start-stop method easily.

How 3E BudFlow Works:
- Cattle enter the 3E Budflow Tub by seeing light through the 3E panels, and you close the entry gate behind them
- Cattle naturally turn back to where they entered
- Cattle approach the open access to the alley
- Cattle move easily into the alley with no force
- If a cow hesitates to exit the tub, the next one can take charge and continue flow

Do More With S-Flow

An S-Flow System generates constant flow of cattle by incorporating arcs into full handling systems. S-Flow is best applied when handling large groups of cattle for drafting or loading into a truck. Based on cattle's instinct to follow curves, consistent movement can be maintained as they are repeatedly convinced that they are escaping. You can easily create the draw required to initiate crowd movement with the 3E Budflow Tub because of its ¾ circular design. By leading cattle into a curved Easy Flow® Alley System, you are able to apply the S-Flow concept completely and efficiently.

Working S-Flow With 3E Budflow
- Cattle enter the tub through the back gate
- Cattle see light through the low-sheeted panels and follow the circular shape of the tub
- Cattle round the tub and see others through the low-sheeted panel, drawing them out of the tub
- Cattle easily enter the open access to the alleys
- The S-Flow system is continued with curved alleys leading to the draft or loading ramp
- The handler can use point of balance handling techniques to maintain continuous flow



All BudFlow Cattle Crowding Tubs are available in left or right-hand configuration. To determine the hand you need in your cattle working system, stand facing the crowd gate and look at the direction of the sweep. If it rotates counterclockwise, it is left-hand. If it rotates clockwise, it is right-hand. If you require assistance determining the hand you need, contact the Arrowquip Team.
  • Adheres to low-stress cattle handling techniques
  • Works with cattle psychology
  • Sheeted panels allow the operator to utilize point of balance handling techniques
  • Low 33.5" sheeting on the first panel and the additional exit panel, allowing cattle to see more light
  • Crowd gate can be used to assist animals in the right direction, if necessary
  • Crowd gate lock assists in sweeping so cattle are unable to push the gate back
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising and injury
  • Sheet metal is caulked to reduce noise
  • High capacity
  • Simple four-step assembly
  • Durable clips connect the BudFlow® Tub with other Arrowquip products seamlessly
  • 14-gauge steel sheeting
  • Panels bolt together for structural integrity
  • Powder-coated steel ensures long-term durability of the equipment
  • Panels are stabilized by joiner bars connecting to the center of the tub
  • Rubber bushing on the crowd gate lock cushions impact to reduce metal clanging
  • Panels are bolted together to eliminate metal rattling
  • Center post features a rubber bumper to eliminate the gap between the post and back gate

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